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The dynamic range and efficiency of a Pro Speaker,
but with the accuracy and detail of a hifi speaker
Bringing Professional Sound Home

When it comes to professional sound, listeners are drawn to the liveliness and the dynamic range that pro speakers can bring.  In order to replicate this type of sound at home, we have developed loudspeakers that can achieve the sound quality that is found in Movie Theatres and Professional Events, but on an smaller scale.

Professional Sound
For The Home and Beyond

Our idea is to achieve True Cinema and Professional Sound experience at home, but without the shear mass of loudspeaker systems.  This means reducing the bulk of conventional pro speakers and designing them in a more home friendly environment.

Our goal has always been to provide listeners with High-End sound at an affordable price.  Each speaker we design is hand built using manufacturing technics and craftsman wood working skills. Each and every speaker is put through a number of tests to ensure proper sound quality and reliability.

High Fidelity Sound On A Smaller Scale
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Home Theater Vs. Cinema Sound
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