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Price:  $229.00 Each
Unforgettable Lively Sound Experience
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1” silk dome tweeter
Dual 6 1/2” fiber/paper cone woofers

Frequency Response:
70 - 20,000Hz

Power handling:
120 watts rms to 250 watts max

8” W x 24” H x 8” D

SPL: 94dB

Ohm: 4         Weight: 39lbs each
“The AT-24 adds dynamic sound quality with vocals that sound so lively,
you feel the performer is right in front of you.”



The AT-24 speaker offers lively sound and solid built quality that is designed that MODVO Loudspeakers are known for.  Designed for the consumer and professional alike who looks for a loudspeaker that can be very flexible in placement and sound. With simple mounting brackets, the AT-24 can be mounted in almost any situation that requires professional sound.  


The AT-24 Provides the basics fundamentals in loudspeaker design and applies them in uniform design to achieve true and accurate sound reproduction from a compact P.A. Speaker.

This mid-size floor speaker features a 3-way system in a two cabinet design for better sound dynamics and placement.  The midrange cabinet features a 1” silk dome tweeter for smooth sounding highs along with dual 6-1/2” mid-bass drivers for extended midrange response.  The bottom bass cabinet houses a high powered heavy duty 10” woofer for solid bass.  The result is a P.A. Nearly reproduce full range sound that is accurate and detailed with a wide sound stage.


the AT-24 can be mounted almost in any situation that requires professional sound.  This speaker also features the ability to have upgraded grill cloth covers in for more transparent sound.  It features dual drivers array in a time-aligned setup to allow a smoother frequency response and less listening fatigue to the ears.

The horn recessed tweeter housing design not only provides a wide sound stage, but also physically aligned drivers for non fatiguing sound.  AT 24, is our most popular model and is used by many individuals and professionals alike.  Extremely strong and ridge grill covers help protect the drivers from abruse and damages.

Quick video Introduction of the
AT-24 Speaker.
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