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Innovation Comes From Within
Sound Test
Professional Beyond the home
When you go to your local cinema you may not realize the work and effort that goes into setting up and calibrating these speaker systems
in-order to achieve direct room filling sound regardless where one is siting.  Is a task that audio experts and manufacturing deal with everyday.  The goal
Has always been to achieve sound that is accurate, evenly spade throughout the listening area and most importantly consistent sound all the time!

There is nothing worst then sitting through a movie theatre with a blown out speaker that rattle or clips at high levels.  With speakers that are not design to
handle this level of sound, viewers are missing out on what the film maker in tented for you to hear. This is why professional and Cinema speakers are design
to address these issues.  These speakers are design to provide wide dispersion and high output without compression.  They feature large voice coils, magnets,
horn loaded drivers and large cabinets to move lots of air.  All design to provide listeners with the best sound experience possible.
Cinema Screen Speaker
Our compact but mighty
screen speaker adds detail
and accurate sound reproduction
Cinema Surround Speaker
Our Standard Surround speaker
Design for maxinum performance
in small theatres
Theatre Speakers
Cinema Sound
What’s inside the Movie Theatre

Cinema Sound

With today’s films and audio technology, film makers are now able to achieve better sound through quality microphones and audio processors.   The only way to experience this type of sound, is for speakers that are designed to handle this level of digital content.  This is why there is such a high demand for high quality sound, especially from the Cinema.

Movie theatres have a tuff and complicated job to accuracy reproduce this sound in such a large room.  These speakers must be about to cover a very large and wide area of the room.  Each seated viewer must hear exactly what others are hearing regardless on where he or she is sitting.  This means the sound from the speakers must be clear and non-fatiguing to the ears and must be transparent. This is the type of experience that film makers intended for you to hear.

What’s behind The Screen