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Cinema Sound Vs. Home Theater

When is comes to cinema sound, viewers are always drawn and amazed by the sound experience that one gets from the movie theatre.  To the average consumer, don’t see all the technology that goes behind the screen and into developing this platform.  All of this sophisticated sound does come with a cost, and goes unnoticed by the listener.

Speaker Systems:
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What you need to know before you purchase a selected speaker, this will help make your decision easier
Home Theater Sound
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Cinema Theatre Sound
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As you can see, there is a big difference in setup and placement.  You notice there are multiple speakers. Multiple surround speakers and subwoofers all placed accordingly to achieve even sound among the listening area.


This is your basic 5.1 speaker setup that is designed for home use. A lot of homes still have this setup, some have moved to 7.1 or 7.2


Listening to speakers (or P.A.) with levels that excess 96dB can be damaging to your ears and can cause hearing lost over a long period of time.

Hi-fi loudspeakers in general are design for home use.  They are usually not as efficient as Pro speakers, but have a lower frequency response (given same driver size). They have smaller drivers units and are designed to handle lower wattage.

Pro Speakers (P.A.) are very efficient and are design to provide a wide horizontal and vertical dispersion.  These large drivers are designed reproduce the dynamic range with is used to fill large rooms and auditorium.


Design for
private in
Home use
Pro Audio

Design for
or large
Rooms and
Auditorium fill
with people
Home Theater
Cinema Sound