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Below are a list of informational and product videos designed to help and inform viewer who are interested in our products and would like to learn more about them.
Also are instructional on how to hook up audio and video equipment for those who are new hifi electronics or would like to improve sound, setup or install our products to get the best sound experience possible.
More videos coming Soon!

Manufacturing Processing


Here’s a quick look of what goes into building one of our loudspeakers. Each speaker cabinet is crafted out of Medium and High Density Fiberboard (MDF). This material provides certain acoustic advantages over other building materials and machining technics that are only possible through MDF. Each cabinet piece is cut and machined to the given tolerance. Then each panel is assembled together using industrial strength adhesive.


Once our cabinets are constructed, it is than sanded to a smooth finished. Then they are either primed or treated before the final paint finished is applied. Our treated cabinet process involves a 48 hour process requires intensive work. The results improves the durability of the finish and help reduce cabinet resonance.


Depending on the type of loudspeaker model, some of our cabinets will use eternal metal bracing (via Reference 10 Subwoofer) for support and ridgidness. Once the cabinet is prep and done, it is than finished in a paint enamel or matted finished.


2017 - Building a AT-Speaker
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