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The Pro-6m speaker offers solid built quality that is designed to take reinforce cabinet structure that helps reduce enclosure flexing and improves the midbass response.


The cabinet design of the Pro-6m is very unique, it features the same wood, metal and screw construction that is found in the Reference 10 Subwoofer.  using aluminum bars affixed to the inside of the enclosure using dense compound then is screwed into the wooden cabinet for a very study and solid joint connection.


The Pro-6m for those who want to experience the sound of pro speakers in their home, but in a more room friendly environment.



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Innovation Comes From Within
Sound Test
See what inspired us to design
Professional speakers for the home
A quick sound test to check the
sound potential of our speakers
Professional Beyond the home
Looking for cinema sound outside
The home?
PRO-6m Monitor
Price:  $199.00 Each
The dynamic range and efficiency of a Pro Speaker,
but with the detail and accuracy of a Hifi speaker.
PDF Manuals
1” silk dome tweeter
6 1/2” fiber/paper cone woofer

10” W x 13” H x 8” D

Power handling:
60 watts rms to 120 watts max

SPL: 91dB

Weight: 20lbs each
Spec Sheet
Quick guide
The Pro-6m adds dynamic sound quality while maintaining accuracy, detail and
reliability in a compact package.
Quick video Introduction of the
AT-24 Speaker.