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November 1, 2015



Welcome to MODVO Professional


We’re really excited about our new Professional line of speakers and site.  These speakers will be actually satellite speakers designed to go along with it’s own subwoofer.  This line of speakers will introduce a new price point to our loudspeakers line-up.  This new affordable price point will be geared toward consumers who are looking for high performance loudspeakers, but are on a budget with limited space.




Site under construction


We have temperately moved our site to a new server for the next couple of months.  As you may have notice, some of our pages and products are not accessible to visitors at the moment.  We will have a complete list of our products soon to come.  We will be on our new server.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may has cause.

December 7, 2015

Our Hybrid Speakers


We like to introduce our first set of hybrid speakers. While these speakers are geared toward professional sound, they offer detail and accuracy that are usually found in hi-fi speakers. This design opens up a whole new concept for our speakers. The ability to use Pro Speakers in the home, offers greater dynamics and lively sound for larger room

December 7, 2016
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Speaker Test

We are currently working on a sound test content that will be design to do a quick test (sweep) of your 2 channel speaker system from left to right with just the click of a button.  The sweep will go through an audio spectrum from 30 - 18,000Hz.

More to come soon...